Storm Damage Fencing – FREE Insurance Quote

How do I make a insurance claim for my storm damaged fence?

Storm damage fencing is covered on most home insurance policies. Note that not all causes of wind and storm damage are covered. Some policies will not cover your damaged fence if you or your neighbour have caused the fence to be damaged. Fences are not meant to be retaining walls, areas to grow vines on, pot plant holders, Shade sale/ cloth attachments, damaged by children kicking balls against them or pets jumping up them. Also gardens adjacent to fences can put stress on the fence, especially Hardy fence. Pressure and wind over time damage the fence. Undermining the fence by tree roots can also cause damage. Tree and plant roots can force there way between Hardifence sheets causing it to crack.

Storm damage insurance for your fence, Hardifence, Colorbond, Pine lap or gates, normally covers the damage associated with the following:

  • storm damage/ wind damage,
  • Vandalism,  or
  • fence damage caused by a vehicle accidents

“I suggest calling your insurance company before the storms” damage your fence just so you know where you stand. Fence storm damage can be expensive to repair. You do not want to be left paying the whole bill. your insurer may or may not also cover earthquake or flood damage. I have had a customer who lost their fence due to a flood knocking their fence down. This flood was caused by a burst water pipe, not a storm.

Blown Out Colorbond Fence
Colorbond Fence Damaged by Wind/ Storm. Sheets were blown out of the fence. Dave 0417736025
Storm damaged Hardifence
Hardifence damaged by storm wind. GET A FREE INSURANCE QUOTE

How to claim fence damage, suggested steps:

  1. Get a police report if the damage is caused by a motor vehicle or vandalism.
  2. When you are unsure of what caused the damage, it’s a good idea to have the police look at it and give you a report.
  3. Talk to your fence neighbour about the repair and insurance process to ensure they are aware of the process and that they will be paying half of the fence. The quote provided to you can also be given to your neighbour so they can also make a claim. Be aware that you are responsible to the contractor for the full cost of the fence work completed. Getting the other half of the money from your neighbour can sometimes be difficult. Making everything clear at the start normally makes getting the storm damaged fence repair process run smoothly. Sometimes the bill is split at the clients request. Some neighbours can be difficult when getting fences repaired. Your local council and chamber of commerce has more information on fence repair disputes.
  4. Contact your insurance company. Check your excess, what the effect of claiming will be to your premiums and whats cover. (Painting, paving, plants etc, what ever is associated with the fence damage). This will be great information when talking to a fencing contractor as some of these items can be included in the FREE INSURANCE FENCE QUOTE.
  5. Take pictures of the damage, and keep them for your records for now. Only produce them to the insurance company for your storm damaged fence if they specifically want them or you are trying to prove something about your storm damaged fence. They may have a different idea of what is to be fixed. Sometimes they just pay you out at the minimum, so get quotes first before you agree to a settlement figure. 
  6. Get your claim in as soon as you can as the insurance companies can get very busy after a storm. They are also more than likely going to just push the claim through as they do not have enough assessors to handle the workload.
  7. Contact us for a FREE INSURANCE FENCE QUOTE as soon as possible.
  8. Submit the quote to the insurance company or we can do it for you.
  9. Get the money from your insurance company.
  10. Book us in and get the job done.
Damaged Colorbond Fence
Damaged Colorbond Fence.
Storm Damaged Cracked Hardifence
Storm Damaged Cracked Hardifence CAll Dave 0417736025